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Users can connect their smartphone to a PC using the fantastic Microsoft feature. Your smartphone can now use direct from your PC. Link your devices to your Windows PC using the functionality to view and respond to text messages, make and receive calls, and more.

Your smartphone and Windows PC are connected via the “Windows Phone App,” which gives you access to all of your phone’s data, including messages, galleries, alerts, apps, and much more.

Connecting an Android device to a PC: Features –

  • Use your PC to access your preferred mobile apps.
  • On your computer, read and respond to text messages.
  • Share files via email by dragging them between your PC and phone.
  • Between your computer and phone, copy and paste material.
  • Make and take calls using your computer.

Download and Link Aka.Ms/Yourpc App for Android

  • Firstly, go to If your phone is compatible forward it to the Microsoft store where you may download.
  • Then, after sending you to the “Google play store,” “Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows PC” download and install.
  • Please select “Install” to download the Microsoft app to your smartphone.
  • In order to connect by QR code, please launch the Microsoft app and select “Sign in with Microsoft” or “Is there a QR code on your PC.”
  • Once you have logged into your Microsoft account, please click “Continue.”
  • After that, choose “Allow” on the pop-up window.
  • To send and view the message from “Your Phone Companion,” click “Allow.”
  • Permit “Your Phone Companion” to make and handle calls.
  • You should allow “Your Phone Companion to access your contacts.”
  • Then Simply select “Continue” under “Let’s stay connected” if you don’t want battery optimization.

Link Your Phone App By Using Windows PC

  • On your PC, open the Your Phone app.
  • In the Your Phone app, select Link Your Phone.
  • Observe the instructions that appear on your computer screen. These procedures will vary based on whether you have a local account or a Microsoft account.
  • When you’re finished, use the Your Phone app on your PC to view the photographs, texts, and notifications from your phone.